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NUEVO - detrás de las cámaras Robert Pattinson - Variety #ActorsOnActors

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It was a two-day shoot with six pairings of actors on both days; on Saturday from 10am to 6pm and on Sunday from 9am to 4pm. We had 15 minutes to capture singles of each and shoot the duet. Each actor was photographed on the white cyc twice (as a white and as a grey), and on the black velvet set. Each double was shot under the same circumstances and four of those pairings were also shot on blue for the print covers of Variety. And when the actors had never met, as in the case of JLo and RPatt, we needed to find a way for them to pose / connect / relate in about 60 seconds. But, they’re all professionals and were all gracious and willing to take direction. The black velvet set has a large, baffled Photek with an unbaffled @elinchrom_ltd octobank as fill. The white set has two unbaffled @elinchrom_ltd octobanks, with the talent close to the cyc. The grey set IS the white set, but with the talent much closer to the light, allowing us to drop the exposure and turn the white cyc grey. Building the light and tweaking the light was @paoloalfante, @werewolf_ish, @nd_lei, @evanmullingphoto and BTS snapper and current intern @ashleybatz. Production expertise by @luvlouella. Digital capture expertise by @evlasic. Not art directing in a public restroom was @jenniferdorn. Designing four covers and 48 inside pages was @festino. @variety #actorsonactors @jlo #robertpattinson @hustlersmovie @lighthousemovie. For @jenniferdorn…at least the catering was good.
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  1. Es que además de guapo y sexy a rabiar, es gracioso. Encandila a todo el mundo (me incluyo).
    Gracias, Nani.


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